Avery’s Beauty Session | Austin Beauty Photographer

I had such a hard time choosing which images to edit to put on the blog.
I love them all!
She was such a natural and so easy to work with! During our session she
told me how much she loved photos because growing up her mom was
always snapping away.
As a mother myself who is ALWAYS there with the camera, that really warmed
my heart. One day I can only hope that my daughter feels as fondly about
my lens in her face.
So even though we almost got eaten by a two headed deer with rabies (actually just two cute deer standing rather close)
and found a lot full of brains (which happened to be hedge apples) the shoot went very well.
I can’t wait to use some of these locations again.

If you have ever considered having a beauty shot done now it a great time of year! No sweat!
You do not have to be a “model” or even know how to pose. I will take care of it! Please do not
feel you can’t do this. Trust me. You CAN! I will make sure to pose you in very flattering ways
and talk you through the whole thing. There aren’t awkward moments. Just a lot of fun and some
awesome photos that you will love in the end.


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