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Oh, Ruby.
If we are friends I am sure you have read about the stray
dog that was making me C.R.A.Z.Y! If you have go ahead and
skip the crazy story I am about to tell you about chasing this
pup all over Gilbert, Arizona!
So sweet Ru started off as a dog in my apartment complex sleeping
under cars on the pavement in over one hundred degree weather.
Any time we approached the cars she was under she would take off
running. She had no fear of running in front of moving vehicles, so
it was really scary.
We started leaving her bowls of water, food, treats. Nothing helped
her learn to trust us. She would shake and run quicker than I have
seen anything run before.
So I called my brother in law and asked for help. He helps a wonderful
pet rescue. You should totally CLICK HERE
and see about adding a new fur baby to your family. No regrets!
So anyways, I call him and he gets ahold of one of their amazing rescue helpers.
Four people chasing this dog for over three hours and no luck.
After a week of trying to find her owners and catch her to see if she was chipped
I was exhausted. One night she wasn’t in her usual hiding ground and I remember
thinking “oh gosh, she finally got hit by a car”. It was a very sinking feeling.
Next morning she still wasn’t there.
The very next day my husband and I are coming home from the store and there she
was. About two blocks away laying in a church parking lot. And again she took off.
This time not being in a gated complex we were really worried. We followed her into a neighborhood.
Chased her several blocks with the help of some sweet kids on bikes, too!
We cornered her once and she growled and nipped so we didn’t grab her.
FINALLY, she runs in someone’s gated yard! Through the bars of the gate. The rest was
cinder block so we could totally block her in.
I went to the door to knock. Papers everywhere. Neighbors said they abandoned the home.
The gate was locked. Again we called my brother in law. She ended up just giving up.
It was sweet and sad all at the same time. She just turned over and gave up.
We wrapped her in a blanket and took her to be scanned. No chip. After doing everything
we could to find her owners with no luck, she is officially family.
We washed all of the oil off, got her to the vet, and named her Ruby. Funny enough
she loves the camera! It was clearly meant to be.
So here she is! Our sweet (little jerk dog) Ruby!
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    • - Thank you, Vicky! It’s funny because we had no intentions on keeping her! We wanted to find her owners or a new home. She was so scared that when she warmed up to us it really turned us into mush and we couldn’t imagine putting her through a scary situation again.ReplyCancel

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