Harrison is One! | Gilbert AZ Cake Smash Photographer

We finally got to part two of Harrison’s birthday photo bash! Okay, so
it WAS just two sessions, but felt like a photo party! Okay, so it didn’t
feel like a party. Never do I ever like to admit when things go “wrong”..
BUT I will say some things were slightly tragic during our Gilbert,AZ cake smash!
Somehow, our lockbox decided it would be a fine day to lock me out. Thankfully that
was over fairly quickly when it gave in after about five minutes and let me in.
I may or may not have bonked poor Harrison in his head with a prop as he ran up
behind me so quickly. And then the poor little nugget was mega cranks after
having his one year old checkup that he wasn’t quite feeling the cake after
a bit and wanted to snuggle.
There is a point to me telling you this! Not just to be like “DUDE! Jenna is fantastic!”
but really, sometimes we can leave a session feeling defeated. Wondering if
it was worth the investment. Wondering why everyone else gets those great shots
and your kiddo was unhappy.
I would like to assure you it happens. It happens a lot. I have clients send me
emails telling me how sorry they are for their kid’s behavior that day.
Please don’t be! If for some reason your session is crazy and nothing comes out
of it we will try again! BUT, LOOK AT THIS! These are some of the images from
only 30mins of catching a running crankster and getting him to take a bite
here and there of his cake. This is a session that had so many things happen
that I even wondered how it would be in the end. THIS session is now one
of my favorites.
I always try to send a sneak peek or two within a day or two so no one ever
feels like everything just went wrong. Photos are such an important time for
everyone. We all want those perfect moments! Just remember it doesn’t always go perfectly
to get the shots. And sometimes it does! Every session is different, but each session
will have my heart and soul put into it. I can tell you that with every session I
am able to do, every single one takes a part of me with it.
So thank you for trusting me to be the one to get us locked out, bonk your kid with
a prop, and land some cake in my ear. Really! Thank you for giving me the greatest moments
of being able to hand over that session and in return get the “wow” response. THAT
is what I do this for. xo!


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