Donom Family | Gilbert, AZ Fall Minis

This time of year is so crazy for me! Two years ago I had my first “wave” of Arizona babies. After we moved here and things started getting busy I met some of the most amazingly sweet families you could imagine! It makes me so happy I still get to see this group of ladies that all came during that wave.
With my Gilbert, AZ Fall Minis being in full force I get to see everyone! The Donom family was part of that first wave for me, and so glad I still get to work with them. This family is not only picture perfect, but those smiles are all real. They are such a blast to be around!
Towards the end of their Fall Mini we found a little spot that actually looked like Fall! By that I mean there was a tree with some dying leaves and enough on the ground to make it look amazing. Ha!
I am already looking forward to next Fall! 2017-10-10_00182017-10-10_00192017-10-10_00202017-10-10_00212017-10-10_00222017-10-10_00232017-10-10_00242017-10-10_0025

people always think about the “big” moments to photograph. For me when I see your family together it is a big moment. Every smile, laugh, crazy face.. those are all things that show your bond together. Nothing makes me happier than being able to save those times for you forever.

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