Zollars Family | Gilbert Maternity Photographer

Oh gosh, guys. This session was everything! Working with Kristen who has some modeling experience and her super sweet husband of four years was wonderful! They were so much fun and so easy to work with.
I am a Gilbert maternity photographer, so we chose a super fun location in Tempe Arizona. The water, bridges, flowers, and buildings with pops of color all over made this a very colorful session. The lighting and weather were perfect!
I debated writing this because I hate to scare anyone, but it was a great reminder to ALWAYS pay attention to your surroundings. While we were shooting I was pretty far back using my 70-200mm lens. A couple walked up to Kristen and started rambling on about random pregnancy things. The lady kept moving closer to her while the male was moving closer to her purse that was set down a couple of feet away. The distraction was obvious from a distance and he was getting scary close to her purse. So I ran over, told her we got the shot, grabbed her bags and we ran off and waited in another area that was much more open for her husband to come. I wasn’t really thinking at that moment and I am fully aware that a bag can be replaced, but my focus was making sure Kristen was okay and surrounded with the least amount of stress possible. Thankfully we got away from them and her husband came back so they left us alone.
Always be aware. we put our bags down so often during these sessions and do not think twice about it. As sad as it is, we definitely need to take our time to look around once in a while. I am just happy that in the end everyone was slightly shaken, but totally okay.
So on a happy note again!!
Kristen is seriously my kind of people. She came to her maternity session with a bag full of shoes, a few outfits, and perfectly happy to use some of my gowns I keep on hand for my expecting mommas. Before her session she went to Designs By Daetriel for her hair and makeup. And let me tell you, she looked RADIANT!
I cannot say enough how much I love what I do. Getting to meet families as they grow is something so special. Congratulations, Zollars family!

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